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Client : Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix Rice

Client Brief

Golden Phoenix, an international rice brand, aimed to increase product visibility and customer engagement in the international market. The primary goal was to create compelling digital content for point-of-sale (POS) displays and an engaging cooking video that demonstrates the quality and versatility of their rice products.

My Roles

1. Video Production: Created a rice cooking video showcasing Golden Phoenix rice, emphasizing its quality and cooking process. 2. Digital POS Materials: Designed and developed digital content for POS displays to be used on shelves, capturing the attention of customers in international markets. 3. Social Media Content: Developed engaging social media content tailored for Golden Phoenix's international market accounts.


1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The cooking video provided customers with an engaging way to learn about Golden Phoenix rice, driving interest and sales. 2. Increased Visibility: The digital POS materials effectively highlighted the product, contributing to greater shelf visibility and brand recognition in stores. 3. Website Integration: The cooking video is featured on the brand's official website as part of the product demonstration, providing an accessible resource for customers to understand the cooking process. 4. Social Media Growth: The social media content increased follower engagement and expanded the brand’s reach in international markets. This project successfully combined visual storytelling and strategic digital marketing to elevate Golden Phoenix's brand presence and customer interaction.

View the rice cooking video

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  • Carousel Image #2 Thai hommali rice in a cup topview
  • Carousel image #3 chicken rice with golden phoenix rice bag
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